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The best Authentic Puerto Rican Inspired food this side of the Peninsula. We here at EL COQUI Puerto Rican Cuisine strive to bring you the most tongue twisting, spine tingling, mind blowing Puerto Rican Cuisine you will ever eat. Let us put some flavor on your table! YUMMY! Since 2009 we have been in Hampton Virginia feeding those who are in need, doing social event, catering, birthday parties, weddings and even corporate functions. We are available and able to take care of all of your needs. Give us a try and once you try us you'll never go back to your everyday mundane normal fast food that we're all so a custom to. Let us truly put some new flavors on your table!
Mobile Trailer Specs: • Trailer is a mobile Unit. • Unit has two 120 pound propane tanks. • Trailer is powered by a Honda 7000 watt generator. • Trailer is 16ft x 8ft x 8ft in size.

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